Since Writing Motherhood was first published in hardcover back in April 2007, the book has been reviewed by nearly one hundred bloggers—not surprising considering (a) mothers like to blog and (b) bloggers like to write! In fact, you may be interested to know that mothers were among the first writers to enter the so-called blogosphere. Below is a sampling of posts and reviews about Writing Motherhood. For more internet buzz, go to Events Online.

“I jumped at the chance to review Writing Motherhood on Boutique Cafe’s Daily Dish for two reasons: one, I am a mother, and two, I love to write. Both mothering and writing are still a work in progress so I was anxious to read what insights, advice, tools, and guidance Writing Motherhood had to offer me. It had all that to offer with an added kick in the pants to start writing again (not easy to do when a recent manuscript has already been rejected numerous times).”
Emily of Boutique Café’s Daily Dish, July 17, 2008
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“Last week I found total inspiration in my mailbox: a copy of Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues (just out May 2008). This is the book I wish I had a few years ago during those early days with my newborn. This is the book my dear law school friend who always, and I mean always, carried a journal, could have written. This is a book for any mother, including lawyer mamas, who have always dreamed about writing but couldn’t (“too busy right now”)…didn’t (“If only”)…or dabbled (“why didn’t I do more”) or finally did….

     ”Writing Motherhood is an inspiration. It will get you writing. Finally! It might even help you find the meaning and purpose you’ve been seeking. Check out the reviews on Amazon, if you need a bigger push.”
Julie of Darling Hill: Where Life and Flexible Lawyering Meet, June 3, 2008
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“I’ve been reading this new book Writing Motherhood, which I LOVE by the way. It’s basically a great instruction guide for people like me who love to write and love even more writing about their kids. She offers up unique ideas, suggestions, topics and strategies for keeping yourself writing.”
Linda of Monkey Business, May 31, 2008
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“It has been quite a while since I’ve read any books (and judging by my use of the English language lately, you can see that my vocabulary has suffered), and so, when I picked up a copy of Writing Motherhood, by Lisa Garrigues, I realized the importance of taking a refresher course and honing my craft as a mom writer. The minute I started reading this informational and inspirational guide to mom writing, I realized why I got into this whole crazy blogging/writing world in the first place. I was slowly losing myself to my job, my kids and the demands of life and the only place I felt free was when I was sharing stories that made me laugh, cry and reflect on the meaning of motherhood….But back to the book review – if you don’t have time to sign up for a writing course, this is a must-read for aspiring mom writers.”
Role Mommy, May 26, 2008
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“I was contacted a while back and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the book Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues. The woman who contacted me was a student of one of Lisa’s classes and the information she shared with me was intriguing so I agreed. Delays in shipping happened and I had actually forgotten about the book completely. Then on my boys’ last day of school this year it arrived. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this book, so when I opened it and found that the very first step in Becoming a Writing Mother tells us to “Throw Away the Rules”, I simply couldn’t put it down… If you love to write….even if you’ve incurred hangups over the years … get this book!”
Froggy Reviews, July 1, 2008
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“I just picked up another promising writing book for moms at the library this morning—Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues. I’ve only had the chance to read the foreword to Writing Motherhood so far, but I really like how the author compares the obstacles we face as mommy writers to rocks in a river. She says we need to be like river rafts and bounce off of our excuses for not writing, rebounding and redirecting our energies into the determination to keep at it no matter what is going on around us. And so, inspired by this metaphor, I wrangle my laptop from my persistent toddler’s death grip, put him in his highchair, feed him lunch, and hope that I can find a few minutes to write this blog between his nap and any home showings that might come up this afternoon.”
Brainy Mama, June 18, 2007
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Lisa Garrigues has written a powerful and empowering guide for mothers who feel the urge to write. Writing Motherhood is a roll-your-sleeves-up-and-prepare-to-get-dirty workshop in a bright orange slipcover. Lisa doesn’t just tell you how she writes—she shows you how to capture your own stories, one prompt or invitation at a time. On every single page, I found my eyebrows shooting up and my fingers wiggling, eager to put these wonderful writing lessons to work.”
Jenny Lauck of Three Kid Circus, May 1, 2007
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“I was giddy to get a copy of Writing Motherhood just by the title alone as I am already a huge advocate of women writing their way through motherhood…. But, when I dove in I was delighted to find more than just words to rouse the inner writer, I found a mother’s treasury rich with creative nourishment for any woman seeking to express herself in attempts to hold on to her sanity, memory, identity, or whatever the case may be. And believe it or not, I think that even if someone didn’t think they were interested in writing, they just might be after a few pages of Lisa’s book. It’s got that kind of effect.”
Tracy Clark of Picture This, May 2, 2007
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